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WTR 2010 report #1: Arrival at Stauning

An exciting day at Stauning (Denmark) is ending. Eckart Hettlage is visiting the site of this years Wind Turbine Race to support the InVentus team of the University of Stuttgart.

Today the attending teams have arrived and spent the day assembling their vehicles. The InVentus team has put all their strength into setting up their thoroughly improved vehicle. After winning the first race in 2008 they could not attend the race in 2009 and are willing to exceed their great performance from two years ago. As part of the improvements they made the Stuttgart team is using the HettlageVariator in the core of the drive train rather than a standard bicycle chain drive. The HettlageVariator is much more suitable for the wind turbine powered vehicle because it is able to be shifted under full load of the rotor without any wearing. Before the chain drive had to be replaced after every heat of the race.

The busy day today was concluded by presentations of all the teams attending the race of this year. From the first glance all the teams bring in highly exciting concepts for the use of wind energy. Tomorrows report is going to feature a more detailed introduction of the teams this year at Stauning. For today we just look back on an inspiring first day of the event that will last until Sunday. Tomorrow there are going to be test runs and last fine ups on the vehicles followed by the first heats of the race. According to the weather forecast wind velocities of up to 15 5.8 m/s are expected for tomorrow afternoon at the Stauning airfield, which is pretty soft. So But still we are looking forward to an exciting race.

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