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WTR 2010 report #2: The morning before the race

The first day of the race has just started and it is already pretty busy at Stauning airfield. The teams have set their vehicles for display in the hangar of the Danish aviation museum. While preparations for the first test runs are carrying on it is time to give a quick over the teams participating in this year’s race.

Spirit of Amsterdam from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The winning team of last year’s race has built a completely new vehicle for this year. It appears to be much smaller and lighter than the car from 2009. For transmission the Amsterdam team is using a dual system of two Rohloff hubs each equipped with an electrical clutch which are shifting in turns. The shifting is completely automated. It will be exciting to see the vehicle’s performance in the race.

Baltic Thunder from the University of Kiel. After the team’s vehicle has failed to run in the race of 2009 the students from Kiel have built a completely new vehicle. This year’s philosophy of the team was to build a very basic and functional car.

Team Anemo from the University INHolland Delft. This teams most definitely has the most stylish looking car at the event. As explained in their presentation the Delft students have made a completely new approach to last year. We are looking forward to see this black beauty on the racing track.

University of Bristol. The only vehicle with an electrical concept at the race comes from England. The Bristol team has built a solidly looking car with two turbines that generate electric power directly in the hub of the rotors. The wheels are propelled by four two slow rotation motors. A very exciting concept that completely differs from any of the other cars at the event.

InVentus from the University of Stuttgart. This stunning red racer was built on the frame of the vehicle from 2008. With improved aerodynamics and transmission system the Stuttgart students are trying to exceed their success from two years ago. Eckart Hettlage and his team are especially excited about the Ventomoblie because InVentus are using the HettlageVariator. The team’s philosophy is to design and produce all the aerodynamicly relevant parts by themselves.

Flensburg University of applied science. The vehicle of the Flensburg team is looking pretty basic. It is the smallest car at the event. So far we do not have more information about it.

winDTUrbinracer from the Technical University of Denmark. The Denmark team are the organizers of the Wind Turbine Race. For thhe design of their vehicle the have concentrated on the aerodynamic optimization of the rotor and the shroud of the rotor.

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2 Responses to “WTR 2010 report #2: The morning before the race”

  1. Jan Says:

    Nice Web site. There is althoug a twitter account from the last results, powered by team from stuttgart. follow: #Windauto.
    Small correction: Note, that Flensburgs team, is from the FH Flensburg (University of applied science), not from Flensburg University. The korrekt link would be

  2. Robin F. Hettlage Says:

    @Jan: Many thanks for the info. I’ve changed it in the post. Also thanks for the mention of the InVentus twitter.

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