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WTR 2010 report #3: The slug race

The first day of racing at Stauning airfield is ending and it is time to sum up the events of the day. Unfortunately the wind really let us down today: The highest velocity the InVentus team measured during the race was around 4 m/s. So the heats today turned out to look like a race of slugs.

In the first heat Anemo II from Delft and the Ventomobile from Stuttgart (InVentus) lined up for competition. The teams are allowed to push their cars for about 30 meters after starting off. For most vehicles this is necessary to pick up speed. After the pushing both the Anemo II and the Ventomobile slowed down quickly since the wind power was very weak. How ever both cars where able to keep moving at a very slow speed and managed to reach the finishing line. At first Anemo II was slightly faster but Suell Mües, the driver of the InVentus team was able to take over along the track and to finish first. So InVentus made the first win of the day.

The second heat was a competition of Baltic Thunder II (from Kiel) and Spirit of Amsterdam 1 (last year’s car from the Dutch team). Similarly to the previous race this run was also extremely slow. To the surprise of many the low-end car of the Kiel team won the race. The solidly built mechanics proved to be more efficient at minimum wind velocity than the more advanced technology of the Amsterdam team.

The third and last heat run today consisted of Spirit of Amsterdam 2 (the new vehicle), Flensburg and Bristol. All three cars stopped right after the pushing and were not able to pick up speed again. Until now we do not know if a winner of this heat was determined.

All in all today’s wind conditions made a slightly frustrating impression on the participants. Looking at the forecast tomorrow will bring even less wind. Only on Sunday there is going to be a velocity of 7 m/s.

Anyway the race today helped the InVentus team to observe a weakness in their vehicle: The chain tensioner in the drive train proved to be to weak and caused the chain to slip multiple times during the race. Right after leaving the race track the team addressed this problem and apparently solved it.

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