September 25th, 2010 by WebTeam

WTR 2010 report #4: A lazy morning after a busy night

Our third day at the site of the Wind Turbine Race has begun. Most teams have spent many hours last night to make adjustments and fine ups on their vehicles. Obviously no-one was much too satisfied with yesterday’s race. But this seems to be more due to the unfavourable wind conditions.

Right now not much is happening at Stauning air field. The InVentus team is making a test run on the landing strip although the wind is very soft. The good news is, the Ventomobile proved to be able to run at extremely low wind velocities of around 2 m/s. According to the team this would not have been possible with the 2008 vehicle. Also the problem with the slipping chain seems to be solved. But the bad new is, looking at the forecast we can hardly expect a higher wind velocity through the day. So all hopes now lie on tomorrow, when velocities of 6 m/s are expected.

For now all we can do is enjoy the sun and almost clear blue sky and see what the day will bring. Also our readers might be interested in the InVentus twitter channel. If you would like to read the latest news of the team please follow @Windauto.

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