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WTR 2010 report #5: Soft wind and strong teams

Now the second day of racing is ending. The wind today let the teams down again although the average wind velocity was slightly higher than yesterday. All teams were able to race their cars twice against other teams with three cars in every heat.

Both the Kiel and the Stuttgart team won both of the heats they were running while most of the other teams had less luck. Again the Bristol team’s vehicle was not able to keep rolling after the pushing start. This seems to be due to the low wind velocity. The Amsterdam team got their new car working with low wind in an over-night effort by improving the programming of the automation.

Now everyone is curious how the Baltic Thunder II from Kiel will perform at higher wind velocities. Due to their very basic design the InVentus team members showed admiration for their winning of two heats. It will be very exciting to see both of the up to now strongest teams, Baltic Thunder and InVentus, compete against each other tomorrow.

For now we can cheer to the so far brightest success of the Stuttgart team this year: The Ventomobile established today’s track record with 6 minutes and 55 seconds at an average wind velocity of 3.3 m/s. This means 27.8 % of wind velocity ratio.

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