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WTR 2010 report #7: Drizzle and trouble

The last day of the Wind Turbine Race at Stauning air field is already four days ago and it is time to report about the exciting events of this Sunday. Finally the wind had picked up. But at the same time the sun of Saturday was gone and instead it rained. These were not the best conditions for the race either.

Since the cars of all the teams were not designed to be run in the rain no-one was much too happy about the situation. Using loads of plastic film and sticky tape the InVentus team spent most of the morning trying to make their vehicle water proof the best way they could and stayed in the dry hangar as long as they could instead of doing test runs. After the rain had lessened to a sporadic drizzle it was decided to start racing at around 12 o’clock.

The landing strip was wet from the rain but weather conditions were more or less passable for beginning the race. Heats were run at high rate only interrupted by a quick lunch break. Finally all the vehicles got to run against all of the others with three cars in each heat. The most dramatic moment of the whole race happened when the Baltic Thunder II of the Kiel team was racing against Spirit of Amsterdam 2. At first the new car of the Amsterdam team had taken the lead. But then with a good gust in the turbine the Kiel team headed to take over only 40 meters approximately before the finishing line. This almost became a photo finish with the Baltic Thunder only 20 cm behind the Amsterdam car when crossing the line. A little disappointing but still triumphal for the Kiel team: After failing to produce an operative car in previous years they finally managed to succeed with a soundly engineered vehicle that could even compete with the fully automated Amsterdam Spirit.

To our regret the Stuttgart team was less lucky during this third day of the race. After good performance before lunch the team had to encounter several set backs in the afternoon. Due to some erroneous strategical decisions and an empty battery in the electronics the Ventomobile did not perform as well as expected after lunchtime and failed to win against both Amsterdam cars and against the Baltic Thunder. Otherwise the Stuttgart team had had the chance to be among the top three. This way the team ranked fourth, only one point behind the old Amsterdam car.

The first rank was achieved by Spirit of Amsterdam 2 closely followed by Baltic Thunder II and on the third rank was Spirit of Amsterdam 1. The lower ranks were taken by Anemo II, the two DTU vehicles, Flensburg and Bristol. The official scores and details on the heats will be posted as soon as we receive the from the organizing team.

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